In this short video, I explain how each of us can help make
society more sustainable for future generations.

Transformative Markets

My recently published book – Transformative Markets – explores sustainable markets – the markets that make things to meet a human need without forsaking our future.

Transformative Markets is a vision for a better, healthier, more prosperous future for all. Its premise is that the markets we use every day must become powerhouses for driving innovative and sustainable goods and services.

Perhaps no time in history have we faced a reckoning like we face today. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the fragility of the global markets and the razor’s edge of basic survival far too many people live on every day.

“Transformative Markets debunks the myths around sustainability. With concrete case studies, it offers a blueprint for how sustainability is the solution for people, for planet, and for profit–it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!”

– Stephanie Benedetto, CEO, QUEEN OF RAW

People may want to debate the fact of whom (or what) has caused our climate to significantly change over the last few decades. Transformative Markets is not about that.

Others may want to blame government policy or the bad actions of big corporations for inequality, poverty, or resource depletion. Transformative Markets is not about that.

Instead, Transformative Markets is a roadmap – with 10 concrete, actionable steps – for turning the outdated markets of today into markets better able to create value for everyone.

  • The world literally is drowning in trash - billions of tons of it. Yet, with a little creativity and ingenuity we can turn someone's trash into our treasure - and make money doing it. Photo Credit: wonderopolis

  • My reflections on Transformative Markets since it was published.

  • Markets are the one force powerful enough to spur change at the rate we need by balancing the realities of life as we know it.

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