Realizing a Better Future

A better and more sustainable future is in our grasp. Society has finally realized that we must fundamentally change how we live, work, and innovate.

We are witnessing a once-in-a-life time transformation our society – and it is for the better. There is consensus that we must invest in people, treat nature as a precious resource, create products that provide real value in our lives, and embrace the benefits of inclusion in all its forms.

While opportunities abound in that transformation, there are challenges. Disruptions to business models, brand and reputation risk, frustration over the painfully slow progress in making society better – to name just a few.

I am proud to be helping friends, collaborators, and clients of all kinds navigate this transformation – with all of us united in a commitment to foster long-term value for society.

Ludke Consulting: Sustainability Strategy

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Transformative Markets

Transformative Markets explores sustainable markets – the markets that make things to meet a human need without forsaking our future. Sustainable markets come about through a virtuous cycle of innovation between four sets of actors working together in a network.

Transformative Markets


Praise for Transformative Markets

“From the moment you pick up this book, it will pull you in. It’s a rare combination of a critical message and truly actionable information about markets that is written compellingly. It’s a book that is full of great stories and data adding up to a clear and hopeful path forward.”

“At the dawn of a new and pivotal decade, Transformative Markets is required reading for anyone confident – or concerned – about the role of corporations in creating a more sustainable planet. Bob’s thoughtful insights draw upon decades of direct experience advising corporations at the leading edge of sustainability, his passion for a well-researched topic, and his commitment to leaving our planet intact for future generations.”
“Bob’s broad background provides him with a unique perspective that incorporates the experience of sustainable farmers, NGOs, investors, and government entities. It is this unique perspective that lends to such useful suggestions, case studies, and conclusions regarding sustainability and market transformation.”
“Transformative Markets debunks the myths around sustainability. With concrete case studies, it offers a blueprint for how sustainability is the solution for people, for planet, and for profit–it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!”
Stephanie Benedetto, CEO, QUEEN OF RAW
“No long-term challenge is more pressing for global business leaders than building sustainability into their business models. But you can’t achieve that goal without first understanding how societies can build markets that meet our needs in the present without compromising our future. In his new book Transformative Markets, Ludke makes enormous progress in defining what sustainable markets are, and what they are not. Transformative Markets should be on every CEO’s reading list.”

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